Comment by Sally Johnson, local resident
St Peter's in the Forest Walthamstow

The Iftar meal
I am privileged to know Saira Mir because I get to help out at the pl84u al suffa meal at St Gabriel's church once a month. Also I once taught an ESOL class at Faisan e Islam in Woodlands Road.
Saira is amazing. She gets so much done to help people in need and it's because she believes that is how we truly worship, by showing kindness and knowing we live by the grace of God. Saira and I both took part in research about the home life of people who pray. You can see our things in an exhibition at the Geoffrey Museum. Saira is a Muslim and I’m a Christian but we have this in common.
Interfaith cooperation and sharing is so important now for our town.
Everyone wants to live in peace and harmony. So I was very pleased to be asked to share in this special meal that means so much to Saira. To share in the holy season of Ramadan with friends from the neighbourhood of many different faiths and hear inspiring talks about how to move forward together, living out our different kinds of faith in kindness for our brothers and sisters, this was a joy and a blessing.