Speech by Islam
Waltam Forest Youth Group

Welcome all, it is really enthralling to see different faith's from the community to come together and participate in Iftar.
We are from one of the councils core youth engagement groups, the YIAG (Youth Independent Advisory Group) in Waltham Forest which closely works with young people, the council and police to enhance community safety issues.
London has been going through a really enduring time with all the recent attacks
Not only has this made us aware of the possible threats that the country may be facing but it has allowed us to come together as one and stand in front of these evil and barbaric attacks, especially in our borough and to make sure that we do not live in fear.
We have come together to support one another through holding events such as an Islamophobia event 2 weeks ago, where members of the public were given the chance to express their concerns and worries of Islamophobia in the borough and how we can closely work with other faith groups to reduce the rate of these extremist attacks.....and events like tonight's community interfaith iftar