wfcwSpeech by Yemisi Osho
Madam Mayor Waltham Forest

Your Eminence Sheikh Ghulam Rabbani Good evening distinguish guest, leaders of all faiths and everyone. I am pleased to be with you tonight and I am happy to see many members and friends of the Muslim community. I am truly honoured to be part of this dinner, to break today’s fast, and share in one of the great traditions of the Muslim faith. Please join me in expressing deep sympathies and condolences for those that were affected by Grenfell Tower Fire incident and Finsbury Mosque attack yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. I pray for strength and fortitude to bear the loss. I pray that those who are receiving treatment in hospital have a speedy recovery. I like to pay special tribute to emergency services and members of the public for their heroic intervention and response both during and after the incidents.
At this point I like us to observe a minute silence in respect of those who died at Grenfell Tower and Finsbury Mosque Attack. May Allah grant them Al Janat Fidous.
To all Muslims in our community, across the country, and around the world, I extend my best wishes on this holy month of Ramandan.
I always look forward to the Ramadan Iftar, not only because it brings us together in a grand place like this, where we enjoy good food and good company, but it also carries a spiritual atmosphere that comes with the generosity of Ramadan. Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for peace, tolerance and great diversity.
Ramadan reminds us of our shared responsibility to treat others as we wish to be treated and the basic principles that bind people of different faiths together is that we all yearn for peace, justice, and equality.
I speak to those who set to divide us with racial hatred and/or Islamophobia. I say to that if you offer hate, we offer love. If you offer fear, we offer hope.
If you offer intolerance, we offer inclusion.
In view of recent terrorist attacks, it is important for people of different faiths to come together in the spirit of respect and tolerance to share the richness of our beliefs.
We also need to all come together not only as people of faith, but to ensure that we defending the ability of all faith group to freely practice their religion without fear and intimidation. Our nation is strengthened by the contribution of people from different nations, culture and diverse background.
Muslim brothers and sisters are part of the police force protecting our communities; they are firefighters, nurses and doctors, school teachers and doing amazing jobs and contributing to our rich and vibrant city.
This is great opportunity to remind ourselves that we share same human values, respect, and dignity, irrespective of race, color, religion, or the origin of an individual.
I would like to thank His eminent Sheik Rabbani for the press release message sent out yesterday following Finsbury Mosque attack. This remarkable and shows that we stand together in unity and remain resolute in the face of adversity. We need to stand against perpetrators of terror and extremism.
We need to show solidarity in belief that we share same human values, respect, and dignity.
According to Prophet Mohammed (Sa la lu a salaam) For in the end, we remain “one nation, under God, indivisible.” And we can only achieve “liberty and justice for all” if we live by that one rule at the heart of every religion—that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us. So, as we break bread together this Iftar, let us celebrate a great religion with a rich history.
Let us give thanks that we live in a country founded on the principles of religious tolerance and mutual respect. And let us also embrace the responsibility that falls upon all of us to protect and cherish those principles—whatever faith we practice. Your Eminence Sheikh, I want to express my respect for you once again. I want to thank you for inviting me to Iftar.
May the God of your faith look down upon you, and provide you all with the great blessings. Thank you all for being here, and I wish you a blessed Ramadan.