No Deal Brexit - Do we need to prepare?
Two episodes from history - how they might have happened. 
Any resemblance to recent events may not be entirely coincidental
Comment from a reader. 26 January 2019

I believe that there is no ground for optimism that a No Deal Brexit will be avoided and that the consequences may be worse than imagined.
The reason for my pessimism regarding the consequences are:
  1. The opposition is blocking funding for "no deal" preparations
  2. We live surrounded by "just in time" systems.  These systems give the impression of plenty but they are vulnerable to disruption.  Complex manufacturing systems break down due the lack of one component. 
    This can produce secondary and tertiary effects in other systems.
  3. Human behaviour exacerbates problems.  During the fuel storage blockade motorists started driving around looking for a station that still had petrol.
  4. Our £40billion bill from the EU is being widely presented as a bill for a post-Brexit agreement.  If it goes unpaid it will not encourage cooperation from EU members.
Comment from a reader. 29 January 2019
  1. King Canute and the tides
    King:  What can I do about these damn tides?  Half of the time my ships are stuck and they can't go anywhere.
    Advisor: You could always get your Council to make it a legal obligation for the water to remain in port.

  2. King Charles I and Parliament
    King: These stupid parliamentarians don't understand anything.  I just can't get it into their heads.  I would have thought that obvious things like my divine right to rule as I like would have been clear to them by now.
    Advisor: What about taking some cannoners to the meetings?  That would give you more firepower.
The situation verges on the insane, but that is no guarantee it will not happen.  Is there anything we can do as individuals? 
Is there anything we can do in groups? I am open to thoughts and ideas.

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